Questions?  Call Us! (904) 452-8432
Questions?  Call Us! (904) 452-8432
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Mighty Maca Plus® can help you overcome the 3 core reasons you're tired, overweight, and overwhelmed... 
Haywire Hormones
When your hormones are out of balance it makes it almost impossible to lose weight, feel happy, or feel sexy.
Adrenal Fatigue
The chief symptom of adrenal fatigue is, indeed, fatigue, but is often accompanied by brain fog and complete lack of motivation. 
Inflammation is the silent killer that can lead to many of the modern ailments that plague us in the western world.
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the World’s #1 Superfood Drink, FREE!
  Plus 20 other powerful superfoods
  Easy-to-travel single servings
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  Enjoy a quick pack before breakfast!
  Easily mixes in water or smoothies!
  Each serving comes with a different inspirational, motivational message!
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Mighty Maca Plus® is changing lives!!
Jane B. - 64
"I've lost 35 pounds and my marriage is so wonderful. Mighty Maca is a must!"
Jen - 41
"A tasty way to cool hot flashes!"
Mary Alice - 49
"I take my Mighty Maca everywhere... I will not live without it!"
Laurie - 46
"Helps me get through afternoon slumps without caffeine!!"
Lisa V. - 50
"Mighty Maca Plus is a God send! I've been using it for a month now and I must say... This stuff is AMAZING!!!" 
Karen - 65
"It is the best supplement that I have used to help my hot flashes go away. The taste is great and I feel great when I take it."
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4 Day Trial
You'll find out just how tasty it is to enjoy more health, vitality, and energy...without caffeine!
"How-to-use-it" videos
Dr. Anna recorded these videos for you personally.  She'll explain Julva best practices and answer your questions!
Inspiration & Support
Get tips and tricks for how to use Julva, incorporating it into your day, and success stories from women all over the world!
Dr. Anna's Brand New 36-Page Report:
"The Secret Science of Staying Slim, Sane & Sexy After 40"
This ebook contains all the gems I've discovered after 20 years of practice as an OBGYN treating 10,000 women in my clinic and helping many more online. Find out my tips and cheats for how women can look and feel great after 40!
Women Love Mighty Maca Plus Because It...
Alkalinizes the Body
Balances Hormones
Decreases Inflammation
Decreases Recovery Time
Supports Healthy Digestion
Boosts Energy Naturally
Increases Vitality
Tastes Great
Reignites Your Libido
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Julva Addresses The Silent Issue In Marriages & Relationships
"Seriously, if you have pain, irritation or discharge every time you have sex, why would you want to?"
Let me repeat that!

Julva addresses the underlying causes of vaginal dryness and incontinence instead of just lessening the symptoms!

Do you know what Julva means for you, Darling?
This Julva cream is easy to use and in a few weeks the dryness is gone and I feel more comfortable with my feminine parts.  Thanks for this great product, I just love it!  

- Mayra, 48
 Also, please let Dr. Anna know how much I am enjoying the products I purchased...the Julva has really helped with my vaginal dryness.  Love it!  

- Marcia, 59
Take Advantage of Julva's 60-Day Risk Free Guarantee
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